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Frewd100's Rome Total War:Carthage Campaign is well, you guessed it a campaign dedicated to the glory of Carthage. Started on June 10,2013, to honor the game. Frewd thought "What better way to remember thisgame, then to do a playthrough, vanilla." Currently the campaign has 22 videos (As of 17/08/2013). The series is ongoing. The faction Carthage started off with six holdings: Carthage(Capital), Thapsis, Lilybaeum,Caralis, Palma, and Corduba. The historical civilization known as Carthage was believed to be in modern day Tunisia, it was destroyed by their main enemy Rome. For more historical Info:


Carthage Symbol

Historical EventsEdit

Rtw political vanilla

Rome Total War Map

270 BC: Lord Frewd100 ascends to the throne. 270 BC:Faction Leader Hano dies. Hasdrubal becomes new Faction leader.

269 BC: Carthage declares war on Scipii family and Roman Allies. 

268 BC : Julli lay siege to Carthaginian city of  Caralis

267 BC: Bomikar Comes of age.

267 BC: Carthaginian army lands on Caralis coast in hopes of lifting Julli Siege.

267 BC :Carthaginians lay siege to Scipii Roman town of Messana.

267 BC: Carthaginian siege force led by Hasdrubal (861 men) engaged by joint roman army led by Quintis and Cornelius Scipii(732 men)

267 BC: Carthagian Army (338) engages besieiging Julli Army(161 men) at Caralis.

266 BC: Siege of Caralis lifted.

266 BC: Campaign for Carthaginian Sicily. Carthage vs. Scipii Rome.

265 BC:  2nd Carthaginian siege of Messana.

265 BC: Carthaginian conquest of Messana.

265 BC: Roman conquest of Caralis.

263 BC: Carthaginian conquest of Caralis.

261 BC: Numideans, Spanish, and Gauls declare war on Carthage. Gauls and Spanish besiege Corduba.

260 BC:Carthage besieges Roman city of Capua. Numideans besiege Carthage.

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